Dr. Andrew Arriola, an accomplished cosmetic dentist in Temecula, attends lectures across the nation on the amazing transformations that are possible through today’s cosmetic dentistry. If you’ve always wanted a spectacular smile, now you can have one. Winchester Dental Group will help you plan the perfect smile makeover, then schedule a convenient treatment agenda and help you find affordable financing.

Our cosmetic dentistry services include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, white fillings, tooth colored restorations, and more. Using Custom shading with his lab to obtain precise shade-matching, cosmetic dentist Dr. Andrew Arriola respects the importance of details for magnificent smile enhancements.

If you’re looking for an esthetic dentist who understands modern dental materials, the artistry of cosmetic dentistry, and the importance of fitting dentistry into your busy lifestyle, call to make your appointment with Dr. Arriola now. Our Temecula office serves patients from Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Fallbrook, Winchester, Aguanga, and beyond with comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry.

Does your smile have chips, gaps, or imperfections?

Veneers, an Investment in Your Invaluable Smile

What makes your smile less than perfect? For most patients, chips, discoloration, gaps, misalignment or misshapen teeth are top culprits. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Andrew Arriola believes that everyone deserves a confident, attractive smile.

Don’t you? The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists (AACD) conducted a study that found people with an attractive smile are considered more friendly, successful, and intelligent. We all want that for ourselves.

Dr. Arriola and our team are plugged in to the latest developments in cosmetic dental materials and procedures. We offer  teeth whitening options, tooth-colored fillings, and restorations, cosmetic bonding, and many other procedures to improve your smile’s appearance. However, in most cases, the best, custom option to redesign a smile is porcelain veneers.

Each set of porcelain veneers is handcrafted by a dental ceramist for a unique, natural look. Dr. Arriola will use a Custom shade at his lab to ensure proper shading that will complement your overall appearance. He will adhere the permanent porcelain veneers to your front teeth for a lasting, stain-resistant smile that will make you feel great about yourself.

If you would like to learn more about porcelain veneers or any of our aesthetic procedures, call cosmetic dentist Dr. Andrew Arriola in Temecula today. Our office serves patients from Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Fallbrook, Winchester, and beyond with comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry, including the latest in porcelain veneers.


The Natural Choice for Tooth Replacement, Dental Implants

If you’ve tried bridgework, partials, or dentures and just don’t like them…If you have one or more missing teeth and are ready to reclaim your smile…If you want teeth that look and feel like nature intended……you need dental implants.

If you have ever been aggravated by the function of your bridge, partial or denture, maybe it’s time for you to consider the benefits of implants.Give your self-confidence a boost with the natural look, feel, and function of dental implants. At Winchester Dental Group, implants have given a new lease on life to thousands of patients. Enhance your appearance, improve your speech, and smile like you have never smiled before.Implants are simply replacements for natural teeth. Implants are placed in the gum and jaw and stay permanently fixed. Unlike dentures or partials, implants allow you to have comfort and function again with the look of natural teeth.

Dr. Arriola can restore implants in our Temecula dentist’s office, for your convenience. Dental implants are replacement teeth anchored to the jaw by small titanium posts. The biocompatible titanium is accepted by bone tissue, so a solid foundation, much like a natural tooth root, is formed. Atop the post, Dr. Arriola will place a custom-made crown that blends seamlessly with your smile. Because of the “root” on the replacement tooth, you’ll feel as if you never lost your healthy, natural teeth.Dental implants can anchor bridgework, partials, and dentures to eliminate slippage. A dental implant-supported bridge or denture does not require clasps or adhesive. You can smile, speak, and eat (even steak!) with complete confidence.

CEREC 3D: 1 Visit Crowns, Onlays, Inlays & Veneers in Temecula

Dentistry has come a long way

Now you can have a custom, white, permanent crown placed in a single visit. For the past four years, Dr. Arriola has worked with Sirona’s amazing CEREC 3D – CAD/CAM technology for single visit dentistry. By taking three-dimensional computer images of your teeth, our in-house CEREC milling unit can fabricate a precise, permanent restoration made of fine, tooth-colored porcelain.

The days of two-visit crowns are long gone. In fact, CEREC can also create inlays and onlays, wonderful options to repair large areas of decay that require more than a filling, but don’t warrant a full crown. Inlays and onlays can also restore strength and beauty to a tooth that formerly had a large amalgam/dark filling.

Your time is priceless, and so is your smile. Let  Dr. Arriola make the most of both! If you know that you need a crown, inlay, or onlay, or if you want to have old, dark/amalgam fillings replaced with estheticwhite restorations, call to reserve your appointment with Dr. Arriola today.

Our conveniently located Temecula dentist‘s office serves patients from MurrietaLake ElsinoreWildomarFallbrookWinchester, Aguanga and beyond with comprehensive general, cosmetic, and single visit dentistry.

Invisalign in Temecula

Having a confident smile can change everything

And Invisalign makes the decision easy, because you can get a stunning smile without most people even noticing you’re going through treatment.  So start on the right track today, and find out more about Invisalign.

Not only is Invisalign versatile, helping to correct a broad range of dental and orthodontic issues, but it really works. And there are over half a million smiles to back that up. But a confident smile isn’t the only benefit of correcting your dental issues with custom-made Invisalign aligners—your health can be positively impacted as well. Learn more about several common issues below that Dr. Arriola can work with you to correct.