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Dr. Arriola Rescues Teeth without Compromising Comfort.

Deep within the roots of your teeth run canals. Pulp and nerve within each tooth’s canal bring all of the good things your tooth needs to stay alive and healthy. When the pulp and nerve are damaged, a tooth can die. This poses a risk for infection and can be extremely painful. Damage, disease, decay, and other factors can contribute to nerve damage in a tooth.This scenario has two outcomes – remove the dead or dying tooth or remove the pulp within the tooth. Root Canal Therapy, when possible, is the most conservative option.

Many people think that a root canal is painful. However, the pain is caused not by the procedure, but by the inflamed and damaged nerve within the canal. Once the nerve is removed, pain subsides. How can you keep a dead tooth – a tooth without a nerve? Dr. Arriola will fill the root’s canal with a manmade material to keep infection from entering the tooth. Most often, a crown seals off the affected tooth to restore structure and function.

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